Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Sean Gavin

I wouldn’t say that I had any enemies, or archenemies in High School, but I can’t deny that there might have been one or two people that I annoyed in an inchoate, ambiguous sort of way. Let’s call this person Sean Gavin (names of the innocent are changed – though I tend to be rather strict in my definition of innocent). At one point, a mutual friend, let's call him Enrique, asked Sean, “Why do you dislike Julie so much?” and Sean’s reply was, “She’s just so … so … JULIE!”

Well, I never!

For me, the most memorable moment was when I was playing Friday afternoon football with the guys. Yes, I was the only girl, and yes, several members of the football team were there, so the boys were hoping for a fairly rigorous game, but so was I. I like the physical challenges football presents: kicking, catching, running, dodging, and twirling, twirling, twirling your way to freedom. Sean Gavin was convinced, however, that I was there to ruin his Friday afternoon football game. Apparently a smoldering rage had been building up because about halfway through the game, after his team had gotten a touch down (I had been in the play on defense), he came up behind me and, literally, picked me up and threw me into the end zone. Needless to say, I landed hard on my butt. I’m pretty sure I exclaimed some sort of explicative. I don’t remember his response. Can anyone explain that to me?

I can only speculate that, coming from a rather large, traditional, upper-middle-class, Catholic family, that Sean had some rather particular ideas about what a girl should be – and what she shouldn’t be. I came from a smaller, traditional, lower-middle-class, Lutheran family; somehow I doubt that the expectations for a girl were quite the same. I was smart (though, to be fair, I’m not sure he had a problem with that, exactly, more just the way I liked to use it playing devil’s advocate), I was independent, I liked to flirt – basically, yes, I just liked to be me. I guess, maybe, Sean had part of it right.

The funny thing is, Sean and I had quite a few friends in common (yes, he was actually nice to others), took many of the same classes … in fact, I kind of had a crush on him. Maybe Sean was a lot more like me than he was prepared to admit; both of those things would probably still send him into a frenzy of frustration. Nonetheless, in a strange, masochistic way, I sort of miss being around Sean, where I could so completely annoy someone with so little effort. That kind of power never ceases to amuse me, even if it does lead to my being occasionally tossed into the endzone.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Why It Does Not Pay To Be A Stalker

Okay ... so I don't actually know the answer to that from personal experience. It was something snarky, that I thought was funny, that popped into my head as a response to a challenge I encountered today for articles. One of the many things I've been up to today. (as an aside: if you are a writer, looking for a forum, check out the article challenge at, which also has spectacular flash animations.) If they do not publish it, I may publish it here eventually; it has something to do with garbage, pickles, and GPS locators.

Today has been the second big day of web updates. I got my own little flash animation to work. I am so proud. (Stupid "file" where it wasn't supposed to be, grrrrr!) I am, however, supposed to be doing homework. I have two online classes: both educational psychology, one on gifted and talented education and another on knowing, learning, and thinking. Both interesting, but both requiring time to do homework. Alas. I suppose there's always the vague and distant hope that I will, someday, learn to take on a manageable amount of projects. But, until then ...

All of this is leading up to my launch of (and procrastination surrounding) my very own eBay store. I had, at one time, harbored visions of selling things directly on my website, and I still may, but this seemed like the more practical way to get more people to view the items and to forestall the anticipated pain that will be adding a checkout system to my website (which, I'm sure, will turn out to be just as easy as adding this blog.)

So, for those of you who are looking for it, waiting for it - it is coming and when I become an internationally famous jewelry and lampwork designer, just remember that it does not pay to be a stalker.

Monday, February 5, 2007

New technology put ... ME ... off?

I have always been the kind of girl that would go out immediately to try the newest technology. I had my first webpage in the early 90s, I had DVDs when there were just a few titles out and speculation about whether they would go the same route as 8-tracks. But a blog ... I have to admit, I've been putting this one off. I'm not really sure why. The setup for this took less than a minute, including the search for free blog software. And here I am typing away.

This has been a learning opportunity for me. Not so much about the ease of setting up a blog (if a teen can do it ...). It is more about gaining a better understanding of why people in the older generation are often slow to try new things. I'm sure there is a certain percentage that is scared, stubborn, or traditional, just as I'm sure a greater number of people have a lot on their plates. New technology often saves time in the long run, to be sure, but it often involves setup time, a learning curve, and in a world of to do lists and deadlines, the investment of time acquiring knowledge about new things can be risky.

So, yay blog, and yay that I have not yet become one of those 'old people' who have 'better things' to do than to start a new blog.

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