Monday, June 18, 2007

Finances and Kittens

In my previous entry (two months ago) I discussed the economics of bidding on eBay. It presents an appropriate segue into today's discussion.

As the one person who checks this blog noticed, my server was down for about a month. For the past few weeks I have been low on funds, having just finished finals (and not having had time to substitute teach, or put anything on eBay) so I found myself needing to assign priorities to a pile of financial desicions regarding my business.

Server People: "Muwah wah var ruh tummh scurrp."
Julie: "Yes, I'm aware that my yearly server subscription just expired."
Server People: "Puuuurh carh furt dong."
Julie: "Ah. I see. You shut off access to my site. The 'Forbidden' is quite daunting!"
Server People: "Yuxx miam purt fewd fawl."
Julie: "Can I pay you in kittens or cardboard?"

As you may guess, the present economy has a slight bias toward paper currency, not kittens or cardboard, so I was forced to let my subscription lapse for a bit. I think they just hate kittens. As important as reinstating my website was (and eliminating that very scary 'Forbidden'), unfortunately I also have a dirty little desire called indoor plumbing that seemed slightly more pressing at the time. I need cuter kittens.

Yesterday evening I put another beadbox of orphans on eBay, starting at $100. Within 12 hours it received its first bid. Hooray. With about four-and-a-half days left it just has one person watching the auction, but $100 keeps us out of the poor house for another day. At least we don't have to feed those ugly kittens anymore.

P.S. We don't actually have kittens. I'm sure they would have saved me if we did.

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  1. Maybe next time you should try puppies.