Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So we meet again

Hello again. It's me.

What do you mean you don't remember me?

Anyway, I thought I'd give a brief run down of my activities over the past few months. In September I started my last semester for my M.Ed. (Master's degree in Education). In October I went to a local art fair, which took a lot of preparation. I've been teaching in Mankato quite a bit - a couple weekends a month. In November I applied to the U's Ph.D. program in Sociology. Other than that, I've been mostly working on my final two projects for school. Here's an excerpt from my Professional Objectives statement from my Sociology application explaining the projects:

The two independent projects that I am completing this semester elucidate the direction in learning and research I wish to pursue as a Ph.D. candidate in Sociology. One project, an independent study to complete my certificate program for Talent Development and Gifted Education, focuses on why such a disparate percentage of minorities are present and successful in Gifted and Talented programs. While it is primarily an extensive literature review helping me define the state of the question, my synthesis of the literature suggests that, by developing cost-effective web-based multimedia to help teachers differentiate education more efficiently, it is possible to increase expectations and achievement for each student. Hence, teachers and parents will have better data with which to measure potential gifts and talents, and students will become better prepared for further academic rigor in whatever form it takes. What my analysis of the literature reveals is that education decisions are more grounded within psychological than sociological data, even when examining differences that have a strong correlation with race or socioeconomic status. Sociological investigation would help educators better understand what success looks like to these students, what tools they lack yet need to achieve success, and how to connect with these students in a more holistic way.

Other than that, let's just pretend I've been traveling ...