Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moving to St. Paul

After a year and a half living in Plymouth, and several years in Minneapolis near the University before that, Sean and I will be moving back to St. Paul – next door to my parents in fact – at the end of April. We are excited about the move because, at last, we will be living in a house rather than an apartment or townhome with walls shared with others. We'll have a yard! Plus, and this is perhaps one of the biggest bonuses of this particular location, I'll be able to use my dad's glass studio (attached to my parent's garage) for my work. A studio! A heated studio! I'm so excited.

My dad has a glass studio because he is a stained glass artist. The stained glass seems to be more a mode of expression and challenge for him since he has almost never made something meant to suit the tastes of others. I think, partially because others were not immediately attracted to his manifestation of art and beauty and thus didn't buy a lot of his work, he got frustrated and now doesn't spend a lot of time in his shop … so we'll see how that works out when I arrive. Part of me wonders if he'll start working out there more just because he has company, and if so, to what degree he'll just let me focus on my work. Regardless, I am grateful for his generosity in allowing me space to work because, heaven knows, my full range of glass/metal/jewelry interests no longer makes working in the house practical, and the garage studio I use now is not heated making winter very unproductive.

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