Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Open Letter of Begging

Phew. A busy day.

I reserved a 26’ UHaul today and picked up 52 boxes. The result of this maneuvering is that Saturday April 26th will be the day we’re moving the majority of our stuff. The truck is scheduled to get picked up in Minnetonka at 9am and to be dropped off in the same place at 5pm. Theoretically, we’re supposed to be able to fit 1500ft3 into this thing, so I’m optimistically hoping for a single trip … though, with the furniture, it may be a two-trip deal. Who’s good at Tetris? Even just coming for a little bit would be helpful. My cell phone number is 612-555-3755 and Sean’s is 612-555-7243 to inquire about our location at any point. (n.b. real numbers have been altered to protect the privacy of the innocent ... and of Sean and Julie).

Dan, before you even ask, yes we’ll have everything ready to go – neat piles of liftable and taped boxes just waiting in the garage. In fact, I’ll have my whole library and the spare bedroom closet packed a few hours from now. Stacey, I know the kids might be a challenge to manage and you may not want to come, but it would be cool to see you if you were just to be at my parent’s house. (Sean’s parents already said yes to a late spring horse expo, but Jordan might want to seal the deal ) If the 26th doesn’t work, we could also put you to work the weekend before (the weekend of the 19-20th) to help move boxes from the rooms into the garage (at least if we don’t have that done by then).

Steve and Crystal, I still don’t know if we’ll be able to move anything into the house at that point (we have permission to move everything to the garage. I’m waiting until after the middle of the month to ask neighbor Dan about the exact move-in date, if it can be before the 1st), but we’ll still have a place for you to stay if you want to stay over until Sunday. I’m just not sure which house it will be. Just let me know whenever you know if that might work for you so that I don’t (or do) pack the necessary things.

Oberlanders all, please don’t feel an obligation to come, but if you don’t have other plans - what an efficient way to see where we have been living and where we will be living … or, at least, one or the other!  (psssst …. Aunt Roseanne … yarn café is very nearby!)

We would, of course, feed you all tasty things for helping. Just imagine … sipping tasty, tasty lemonade under the shade of a very pretty yard tent after a day of good exercise, the smell of tasty meat on the grill, the soft sounds of Led Zeppelin in the background ... ah! Led Zeppelin! So, let me know what works, if anything, for you all. Finally, while I’m in shameless begging mode: I would also like to mention the new forum I added to my website, which you may enjoy seeing: I’m hoping to make it really robust with online shopping by Summer. It turns out, people I don’t know actually visit my site! Funny things those web stats.

I feel like a general. I hate that.
Julie (& Seaneo)