Friday, September 4, 2009

Birthday, Birthday, Birthday!

Today is my Birthday and we're celebrating 27 for the ... something-th time ... making it a good time to reflect on what's happened over the last year.

I'm teaching in three stores now - four if you count that Bead Gallery has two locations. The newest place is BiYaGi in Little Canada on Little Canada Road just east of Rice Street. The classes I'm teaching there will be really basic classes in the near future, then building up as the clientelle builds up and the skills of the current clients strengthen. I'm extremely excited about all of that. The more I can teach bead- and jewelry-related classes the more I can be home with Sawyer during the day and not completely let my resume go to crud.

I was a substitute teacher for the St. Paul school district last school year, with a long term Social Studies subbing position in February, just before I had Sawyer. I have my first subbing job for this new school year scheduled already, so I'm excited about that, too. The only sticky wicket is that I get paid about what it costs for Sawyer to be in day care, so I'm hoping to find some creative solutions there. It's good for the resume, and all of that, but at the end of the day Sawyer's fomula still costs money if I'm not at home to feed him, so it'd be nice to come out ahead in the financial realm.

Being a stay at home mom has been a lot of work, as any stay at home parent knows. The days that Sean has to work late or has Tae Kwon Do (he's a second-degree b lack belt now) get pretty long. Even the days he's home at 6 I'm chomping at the bit for a break by then. That being said, it's hard to imaging letting someone else take care of him. When I was coaching fencing for three weeks this summer my dad, who was one of the many people who got laid off, watched Sawyer for me, but family is a tolerable option. It's sort of a love-hate thing, particularly since I have an at-home business; when I'm at home I feel like I should be working and while watching Sawyer is work of a sort, it's not the kind that results in a happier bank account, but my handsome little boy always wins out. I am waiting for the time when he's a little more independent and I can work more - hopefully keeping the boy occupied by showing him some age-appropriate jewelry-making and fabrication skills.

What else?

Not a whole lot, really. One little thing is that I made the bridal-party necklaces for my brother-in-law's wedding in July. In the hustle and bustle of last-minute adjustments I forgot to get pictures and will have to see if the photographer got one with a good shot of the jewelry. The bridal party members were all stunning, so it'd be great to have model-like shots for my website.

All in all I've had many blessings this year and I'm thankful for each one!