Monday, August 16, 2010

Eight Hundred Dollars: Part I

That's an every day experience for some people ...

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What do you have in YOUR wallet?

... but not me. Sadly, that number does not refer to the amount of a recent sale or commission, or an exciting contest prize value for my readers, but the amount we will need to pay the mechanic once he rebuilds our main car's air conditioning system, which had caused a short in the idle air valve and stalling in our car; something we discovered on a 120 mile trip to visit Sean's parents on Friday. On the plus side: thank heaven for AAA and not having to pay for the tow.

So, why post this in a blog dedicated to my business? Because, as some may remember better than I do, the two worlds of business and home often collide, sometimes painfully so. I had been having dreams of a new lampworking glass press or two or taking an advanced jeweler class with a local artist around my birthday. Back on the waiting list they go. Not only will all of my forseeable income be going to pay for this (because much of our savings had already been earmarked for a September East Coast wedding to which we are committed), but I'll have to push out a lot of product and work on a marketing whirlwind to try and make up the balance. Sean makes decent money and takes care of all the normal expenses, but since he's salaried, all of the fun and surprises necessarily fall to me.

Queue positive thinking.

My business name, confusing and unpronouncable as it might be, is strongly rooted in my business philosophy: we are all beautiful and valuable the way we are found, the way we are made, but additional meaning can be infused by tweaking the natural. That's what autochthonous evolved means: taking things from the place we find them and doing something with them with the purpose of growth and beauty - both for ourselves as well as for the things which which we adorn ourselves in the effort to evolve our image.

Today, while watching Sawyer play outside and pondering our options, I remembered an old jewelry design of mine. It's one I developed for a class, a design that embraced my business philosophy in a more direct way than other designs of mine. It's a pretty simple design, fairly easy to make and therefore one that can be produced and sold for a very reasonable price. What is it and where can you buy one? Stay tuned for a few hours ... I think you'll like it.

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