Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eight Hundred Dollars: Part II -- Stones

Car repairs are a superb slimming regimine for your bank account. I did some first hand research and proved that conclusively today.

What? You're not shocked or surprised?

I know. That's life. But, as the cliché goes: when life gives you limes, make mojitos. So, I tapped deep into the psyche of my business philosophy and pondered some possibilities and gained a little inspiration watching my little boy greedily enjoying the outdoors. I remembered a design that looked a little something like this:

A representative of my Stones design

I like many things about this design:
  • It represents the heart of my business philosophy. Take something straight from nature and tweak it in a way that helps emphasize its value.

  • It's simple and focuses on the artistic elements of line, shape, and color.

  • It doesn't take long to make, doesn't cost a lot to make, and can be priced inexpensively.

  • Stones, by their very nature, represent strength and endurance. As such, they are the perfect metaphors for all the personal traits that help people prevail in difficult situations including perserverance and fortitude.

  • In the quiet moments between tending my little Sawyer and working/teaching at Knits & Pearls I'll be feverishly making these, and as I hold each stone as I carefully wrap it, I'll be thinking about the lessons these stones have to teach me. Some stones are weathered, but whole; broken, but they survive; pitted, but strong. Simple? Yes. The best lessons often are.

    Fronts and backs of three pendants in my Stones line.

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