Friday, September 3, 2010

Feng Frit Factory Frit Testing - Super YAY!

I wanted to give a shout out to Christina from Feng Frit Factory for four reasons:

  1. First, because she makes amazing frit blends. She has a gift for making even monochrome blends POP.
  2. Enara   Iara   Javan
    Go ahead and click on the images and see for yourself. As a self-confessed color girl, I really appreciate that because I know its something I have to study and work at. Christina has a gift. For example, she'll add just a little of a bright transparent to an otherwise muted opaque frit selection or a touch of a complementary color so you can really appreciate the more subtle tones. It's like adding just the right amount of salt to a gustatory dish, or adding just the right amount of neutral to a colorful design; it's the baseline from which you evaluate the other colors and the properly chosen baseline makes a big difference. Case in point: the friend who judged that if a little salt tasted good, a salt sandwich should taste WONDERFUL. I think you can guess how that turned out.
  3. Second because she and her business partner make FANTASTIC murrini.
  4. I can't seem to stop myself from buying them. Next weekend Sean and I are going to a wedding on Hatteras Island (Thank you for not smashing the island, Earl! Tim and Kalie would have had to murder you), so I should be saving souvenir money. But, then I saw these:
    Tell me, what in the heck would you have done in a situation like that?
  5. Third, because she's a gifted lampwork artist - one that shares her observations and gifts.
  6. If those aren't impressive enough, check out Flickr. But, the true and totally selfish motivation for putting it into cyberspace is:
  7. That after a conversation with her yesterday I get to be a frit tester for her blends!
  8. If you haven't seen the pics I've posted of the beads I've made with her blends on Facebook or Etsy, here are the sets I made with the three frits I listed above:



    And now I get to make MORE. How sweet is that?
I love my job! Feng Frit Factory Frit Testing. While you say that three-times fast, I'll be making beads!

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