Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dryer Lint Clay Buttons

Today an old fencing friend, Sarah Gray from Gray's Fabric & Notions in Boston, posted a blog about making buttons from casein. The casein is made from milk and vinegar and forms a plastic-like (Cheese?!) substance. Of course the idea totally inspired me. While I was reading the comments on the Instructables page to which Sarah linked I came across another substance from which buttons could be made: dryer lint clay.

Drier lint clay, after a brief Google search, is a clay-like putty that seems to have two recipies: one with lots of water and uses flour as the binder and one with less water and uses glue and liquid soap for the binder. What I like about the idea of dryer lint clay buttons is that the dryer lint provides strength, like rebar in cement, is easy to make, and employs the idea of recycling something you normally throw out.

Since I don't particularly want to order any button molds, I think I'm going to try making some free-form buttons since I just some large buttons to use decoratively on my knitting projects or as focal beads. If you want to try making some molds for your buttons take a look at this post from Sarajane Helm.

Stay Tuned ...

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  1. I look forward to seeing and hearing about your results!