Monday, February 28, 2011

Lampworking Class This Saturday, March 5th.

Julie is very excited to announce that we've gotten enough interest to hold a lampworking class this Saturday, March 5th, with a second class scheduled for Saturday, March 12th for anyone that can't make it on the 5th or wants a second practice session with help. We still have a couple of openings for anyone else who might be interested.

sterling and lampwork necklace

What is lampworking? Lampworking is the name for making handmade glass beads with a torch, glass rods, and a mandrel around which you wind the molten glass. You'll learn about safety, glass properties, and how to make beads that are symmetric around the mandrel in the morning, then in the afternoon you'll learn about using thin stringers of glass to decorate the beads. Julie will do several demos, but the class focuses on hands-on practice time with instructor-guidance when needed.

Tropical Fun

The class costs $30 and you'll need to purchase a lampworking kit for the class, which will cost $120 (call to ask about rental options). It includes everything you'll need to make beads at home:

  • 4 Ounce Bead Separator

  • Hot Head Torch

  • Torch Bench Clamp

  • Dual Action Marver

  • Bead Hole Cleaner

  • 10 Pc. Mandrel Set 3/32” X 9”

  • 1/16” Stainless Steel Rake

  • Mandrel Rest

  • 8” Tweezers

  • Fiber Blanket

  • 12 Pc. Moretti Rod Pack (Mixed Colors Approx. 13” Long)

  • Safety Glasses

  • 1 cannister each of MAPP and Propane gas

  • If you have any questions, Julie is working today, Wednesday, and Friday from 10-4pm. You can call the store at 651-282-0099.


    Friday, February 11, 2011

    PANTONE Fall Colors 2011

    It does not pay to dawdle when you're a designer. At least I got one Spring 2011 post in before the fall colors were announced. But, for your visual enjoyment, here are the colors PANTONE has announced for Fall 2011


    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    PANTONE Spring Colors 2011

    Since the PANTONE color forecast came out I've been testing glass colors. Until now I've just been trying to find and playing with individual colors to see how well they matched the forecasted colors.

    PANTONE Spring 2011 Color Forecast

    I'm still not done finding and testing glass to match all of the colors but I did find some I was really excited about and, after receiving my new Beadroller sampler (which is perfect in every way), I was motivated to create a set with the colors I'm done testing.

    pantone spring 2011 bead set

    This bead set was made with the colors:

  • Russet (Effetre Choco-lotta)

  • Coral Rose (Effetre Coral Mango Special)

  • Lavender (Effetre Periwinkle Pastel)

  • Regatta (CIM Electric Blue)
  • I'm excited about these colors so far, but stay tuned as I continue my pursuit of the best glass colors for Spring 2011, including tests with CIM Celadon, CIM Butter Pecan, Effetre Gray Pearl Pastel, and Effetre Butternut.