Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Mother's Day Design

While I was at work I came up with a Mother's Day design idea for our customers looking for last-minute, personal gifts. I just wanted to share that with you all, too!

mother's day necklace

For this Mother's Day Birthstone Necklace you'll need the following tools and materials:

basic jewelry making tools
(from left to right) round nose pliers, chain nose pliers, flat nose pliers, and side (wire) cutters.

parts for my mom's mother's day necklaceheart charm

The quantities will depend upon the number of stones you'll be using in your necklace and whether or not you want to include spouses and grandchildren.

  • Crystals (or stones) in your family's birthstone colors

  • 24" fine chain

  • Clasp

  • Small jump rings
    a minimum of four are needed: two for the heart charm and one for each end of the chain. You don't need more if you're just doing siblings, but add two for each spouse/grandchild group you want to include.

  • Large jump rings
    You'll need one for the chain end, one for the heart charm, and one for each sibling.

  • Heart charm

  • Headpins
    one for each person.

  • Here is a table that shows the Swarovski birthstone colors with a chart of the birthstone names for each month:

    swarovski birthstonesJanuary
    blue zircon

    To make a charm, simply slide the crystal or stone onto a headpin and use the round nose pliers to make a 3/4 loop 3mm above the crystal. Attach this loop to a large jump ring; if you are just including siblings you won't include the small jump rings and chain. Holding the loop with the flat nose pliers, use the chain nose pliers to wrap the tail around the wire between the loop and crystal. If you are unfamiliar with the loop and wrap technique, you can refer to this online tutorial Julie posted September 2010.
    attach charms

    If you are including spouses and grandchildren, attach the spouse to either the large jump ring or the small jump ring attached to it. Attach the grandchildren to the small jump ring on the end of the chain connected to the large jump ring.

    Slide the large jump rings with crystals attached onto the end of the necklace chain (which you can now cut shorter, if you wish). Open a short jump ring and pick up one end of the chain and the clasp. Open a second small jump ring and pick up the second end of chain and a large jump ring; the large jump ring makes it easier to close and keeps the charms from sliding off the necklace.

    slide on charms and attach jump ring with clasp

    mother's day necklace
    Have a great Mother's Day, everyone!

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