Wednesday, January 2, 2013

I'm Making Toggles!

After scrambling to make the toggle for the Art Bead Scene necklace, I felt new motivation to work on a collection of toggle clasps. My criteria for the designs were that they would (1) never accidentally come undone and (2) were beautiful in their own right and (while not too ostentatious) could serve as the focal piece in a design.

To make sure they don't come undone, the toggle itself is substantial and carefully sized so that, like a puzzle, it needs to be carefully threaded through the hole in the loop, making it impossible to come undone accidentally.

To make the clasps look good I decided to use iconic shapes. The shapes are simple enough to fit into more than one kind of design, or to complement a more complex design, but interesting enough in color and shape to work as a focal by itself. I also finished the toggle loop (through which you thread the toggle) so that, even if they showed underneath the toggle, it would add to the aesthetic.

Here are my first three: a heart, cloud, and chrysanthemum. They were hand sawed out of 20 gauge copper sheet metal, dapped (for the chrysanthemum), filed, sanded, loops soldered on, enameled (for the heart and cloud), and bare copper sealed with Renaissance Wax. I'll have to see if I can streamline the process to get the price down a little, but I think I'll be listing these on Etsy for around $20 - $25. What do you think?

Heart Toggle

Cloud Toggle

Chrysanthemum Toggle

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