Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Meanwhile, Julie was coloring.

Just a little something to hold everyone over until Thursday. I don't know if you've had a chance to cruise over to my Flickr page, but if not, I've posted a couple of Coloring Worksheets.

color scheme coloring worksheet

See, I don't only talk about Pinterest

So, the deal with these was that I wanted a way to visualize color schemes; me and needing-to-hold-it-in-my-hand. I also knew that I wouldn't really get a sense of a color scheme unless I used it on more than one pattern and, depending on my mood, in different ratios. I was probably, also, trying to procrastinate from doing something else at the time.

While I love, love, love looking at different color schemes, ala Design Seeds, I often find myself wishing that they showed those colors in different relative percentages, and even interacting with each other. I recently acquired the Color Inspirations book, by the colourlovers.com community, and I love it for exactly that reason; that it shows color combinations with different color proportions.

Margie Deeb, a queen of color, talks a little about the idea of color dominance in the January 2008 issue of Margie's Muse. If you look at the issue she dedicates to selecting palettes from Modern Art, you'll see that she selects a dominant color(s), several coordinating colors, and a couple accent colors. Each group has a corresponding proportion of color. So, my coloring sheets were a way to look at each color combination from several different perspectives, in different proportions, layered and unlayered.

Coloring Worksheet 2

So, take some time to play with colors. The coloring worksheet method is perfect for on-the-go-fill-in-the-time exploration, but remember to take some time out to experiment with color in your own medium, too! Maybe this will help jumpstart some new combinations!

coloring sheet - 3 styles of 6 color squares

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