Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Newest Lampwork and Free Lampwork Opportunity

My habits at the torch clearly label me as something other than a professional lampwork artist. That my best lampworking comes out of a design challenge attests to that. Also, the fact that I spend more time experimenting than producing does, too, I think. That I am both a lampworking and jewelry artist is something I love, but when I look at the sum total of saleable beads that come out of the kiln in an average week, I am reminded of and humbled by my limitations. After last weeks productive (in my world) Valentine's Day bead haul, I figured that I'd have as much to show off this week and had planned that to be the subject of today's blog. Oh Planning, you're so funny!

I did make SOME. But, in my grand style, these are still in the experimental stage. These are 15mm red rounds with white stringer work, featuring a heart and lines extending from the hearts like a hug. I do like them enough, however, to continue making them, so that's a net gain in my book. I think I'm leaning toward leaving the design raised instead of melted in. I don't know that I'm ready to deal with white stringers thin enough to still look defined once they're melted in.

Valentine's Day Rounds

I made a small set of spacers to go with. I think I'm going to make a necklace with these this week. I'm already sketching out a design.

Valentine's Day Rounds

The ADD in me reared it's ugly head, though, and instead of continuing to work on that design, my brain said, "ST. PATRICK'S DAY RULEZ!" (yes, with the irreverent 'Z'). So, I started on that, too.

St. Patricks Day Lampwork

I figured I'd go with it and also made a St. Patrick's Day themed toggle to add to my new toggle collection, which is now available on Etsy.

St. Patricks Day Toggle

Finally, I'm working on some designs to auction off for my son's preschool spaghetti dinner fund raiser. I thought bright lampwork pendants with an initial and some hearts would be really cute and appeal to proud parents of young preschoolers. I sketched out a whole alphabet of modified block script letters ... I think you can see here how that turned out. By 'D' I realized I needed a new direction and am pleased with the way that and 'E' turned out. So now, once the ambient temperature in my studio raises above the current -12F, I'll had out and finish the alphabet like that.

I thought I'd ease you into it ...


Can you all please leave me a comment and let me know how do you think the holes should go? Across so they could be worn on a necklace cord or bracelet, or up and down so they can hang like a pendant? You can also mention any other feedback you think would be helpful (having read, of course, what I already mentioned above). I'd like this to be a popular item, for the fundraiser's sake. I'd love your input! Here's some added incentive: out of all the comments I receive by February 22, I'll randomly select one person to receive their own initial pendant with their choice of color and letter!

Bright Block Letter Pendants

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