Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Radio Silence ... and A New Bracelet

In yesterday's post I announced that I'd offer a free initial handmade lampwork pendant bead to one of you bold readers who would give me some feedback on my design. I was so excited! I thought, this will be great. I get something and you get something. And then ...


Apparently I need more feedback than I realized! Alas. Well, sincerely, please do take a moment and jot down a comment. I really would appreciate it. If you don't want me to put you in the drawing for the free pendant, just let me know. I'll only weep a little!

In the meanwhile, since the A, B, and C beads didn't turn out the way I wanted for the pendant project for the fundraiser, an idea for a bracelet sprouted in my head. A, B, C, in primary colors ... that's SO Schoolhouse Rocks! So, I created an apple enameled toggle, added some matte blackstone beads - just like the old school blackboards - and voila!

Alphabementary Bracelet

Alphabementary Bracelet

Alphabementary Bracelet

Despite what I perceived as a design imperfection in those beads, in this bracelet I think they're perfect. Just a little wobbly, just a little formal ... just like when you're first learning to write. What do you all think? I've uploaded it to Etsy and see if people pay attention to it.

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