Friday, February 22, 2013

Bead Banner: I Think I've Got It!

I'll spare you the iterations of the banner between the last versions I showed you and these, where I desperately tried to keep the text in the banner. If you enjoy seeing failed design, I did upload those versions to my Flickr photostream.

I still think that, out of all the versions with the text, the last one I showed you in my last post was the best. But, you were right, it looks cleaner without. So, here I present my two new banners. One for the front of the table, and one for the side ... or somewhere else. Do they look okay? Please tell me they look okay!

banner revision 7

banner revision 8

Or does it look better with the business name repeated again over the pink bar like in the top banner?

banner revision 9


  1. They look great!! You'll have people flocking to your display at the bead show!

  2. Thank you, Bobbie! Thank you so much for your advice. It was SO helpful!