Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bead Banner Revisions

So, after dropping Sawyer off at preschool this morning I started working on some revisions of my poster. Fortunately I've gotten some input and, if Sawyer takes a miracle nap, I can work on some versions without the descriptive text this afternoon. The idea is to turn that into a handout available on the table. Thank you for the advice, Bobbie!

We'll start again with yesterday's version:

Bead Show Banner

After some thought I realized the logo and the description text belonged together as a group. That allowed me to create two, more visually coherent, groupings of focal beads. I also played with placement of my name and website URL:

Banner Revision 1

I admit that putting the drop shadow on the logo was a bad idea, so I took that off right away. I still wasn't happy with the placement of my name and website URL. I moved the Autochthonous definition and pronunciation moved to decription.

Banner Revision 2

That description text ... I still feel like I want it there, but, just as Bobbie commented on midnight's post, it makes everything seem too busy. So, here I've decreased the font size. My intent is, if people are interested in the Lampwork Glass Beads and the pictures, they'll come closer and see what the rest has to say. I did want the text to look artistic on it's own, even if you don't read it, so I kept it in the same general orientation and place.

Banner Revision 3

So, what does everyone think of these changes? Better? Enough? I'm going to go pick up my little one and I'll be back.

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