Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Multitasking The Insanity: What's On My Table

Why is it that you don't realize you might have enough on your plate until after you've accepted one project too many? Is it just something women do? Is it because I'm too unfocused, or too focused? Is it because I'm being too ambitious or too insane? Is it all the same thing?

Now I have no doubt that all of you talented readers would be able to handle what's on my plate with much more finess than I, and probably have much more going on. But, for me, in addition to the demands of home, this amount of work has me a little worried, because I know I need to do my best on all of it and I'm questioning my ability to handle it. So, in order of nearest to farthest deadlines:

Peyote Freeform Challenge - in Progress

My Freeform Peyote Challenge piece. Still early in progress.
Due: February 23

Originally I was going to be working with:

Freeform Peyote Project

But I'm still way too intimidated about doing justice with that amazing borosilicate focal pendant by Ian Graber that I haven't started working with any of those beads yet. So, instead, I just started using beads I had left over in my bead dish. At one point I actually believed I was just clearing out the dish, getting a little freeform practice in the meantime, for the real project. I don't believe that anymore.

Sketch - Art Bead Scene - February2013

Art Bead Scene February 2013 Challenge
Due: no later than February 26th

The picture the design is based on is:

Heijinja, 1941
Tōshi Yoshida
Woodblock Print

For the necklace components I'm focusing on the lines in the architecture. For the embellishments and focal bead I'm focusing on the tree and the pink blossoms. As I'm making it I can share an observation with you, from a process perspective. Making jump rings with square wire isn't as straight-forward as with round wire.

Making Jump Rings with Square Wire

To keep the same face of the wire upward I needed to use a square nose pliers to hold the wire straight as I wrapped. This process is, however, very illustrative of how much wire can twist, and therefore work harden, as you work it.

Sketch - Shared Table for Bead Show

Making lampwork, displays, samples, and jewelry for a bead show
Due: March 16th

My Bead Soup From Kristin

And, of course, the Bead Soup Blog Party
Due: April, 6th

So, am I imagining it, or is this a little insane? For the bead show, which is the part that has me the most intimidated, I was planning on bringing my Etsy stock and putting the store in vacation mode for that weekend. Even still, I have a LOT to make. Arrrgh. I guess I better stop writing and start working!

Tell me what you're working on!



  1. I had hoped to have a fuller 'plate' at this point, too -besides the upcoming BSBP, but most of my inquiries and opportunities didn't pan out. So my prosperity group girls all agree that this is ME time. I'm creating 'just because' - but am finding the results so rewarding, that they'll probably go in my summer show inventory. The only other plan that may have me scurrying for time is an application to teach ongoing bead classes for our local school systems adult alternative education program. Haven't heard back - but would LOVE the opportunity to teach - even if it means writing tons of instructions, and putting together a whole lot of kits. WHEEEE! Happy beading!

  2. Hi~ I'm a new follower & in the second reveal as well. Just wanted to say ...I know right where you are coming from. I too have about 5 too many projects in the works, and yet I wouldn't give up any of them LOL.
    Best of luck and I will see you around BSBH.

  3. @coolmoon - there's nothing wrong with that! 'Me' time is precious, so don't feel bad about whatever didn't pan out and enjoy it. You'l probably think of something really amazing in the meantime!

    @Tammie - there is something amazingly invigorating about it, isn't there? Crazy, but invigorating :)