Saturday, March 9, 2013

A Few More Focal Beads

I'm keeping it short and sweet since I need to get into the studio soon. I have a few more focals done from last night, including the dog focal that my sister-in-law requested. The little guy/gal got into the kibble, apparently.

A Few More Focals

This next focal is the result of a challenge to make a compelling bead with clear glass and clear glass alone. I had a vision of a smooth slanted surface with trapped bubbles on the bottom, and a curved top with the texture of fine stringers covering the surface. As I got going it began to look like a flower pot, so I added petals near the middle, at the top of the "pot." Then I did a little shaping at the bottom and added some poked dots ... It's certainly interesting, and hard to see. I'll admit that I like it a lot better in person than in photos, but what do you think? I could flip it upside down and it could be an alien squid creature, too ... lol.

Compellingly Clear?Compellingly Clear?Compellingly Clear?Compellingly Clear?

Thanks for checking in!
Julie :)

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