Monday, May 13, 2013

Hard Getting Back In The Saddle

Once momentum is lost, it's hard to get it back. I've been trying, in fits and bursts, to get back in a creative mode; to get enough exciting projects started that I feel inspired to start planning blogs about them. In my head, if I don't have a week's worth of blog ideas, then I feel like I'm a hack. I do, despite this feeling of inadequacy, work to blog even when I only have the occasional idea. Something is better than nothing. But, my motivation doesn't really start to pick up until I can see a sequence of events. Excellence is that which we do repeatedly. I believe that, but somehow I've come to subconsciously translate that as, "if you don't have a bunch of great things to show off, don't bother."

Hair Sticks Custom Order
Hair Sticks. A custom order from a friend. Something I don't normally do, but based on my frit spacers. Sometimes something new is an important catalyst for the creative spark.

Fortunately, it is possible to turn any kind of energy into creative energy. Getting frustrated enough and wanting to kick a little a$$ help on that front. Gradually I've been turning that frustration into one project, then two. Those projects turn into new projects using old stash items and new design concepts. Finally! Some new ideas that I feel inspired to write about.

Mother's Day: Sheep and Yarn Necklace
My mom's Mother's Day present. Lampwork beads by me (inspired by Julie Libonate).

Ironically, it's when I have those new blog ideas, that I realize the little futzy things I've been working on in my studio were actually blog-worthy, too. So, Sawyer permitting, I'm starting to feel like I'm getting back on track. New blog ideas turn into the motivation to photograph some of my lampwork bead stock I have accumulating, which turn into more sales, which turns into a whole new level of confidence.

While I feel like I'm on the upward swing, the hard climb reminds me what a short time it really takes to let everything go - how important it is to keep plugging away every day, little by little, so all of this effort isn't lost to the currents of chaos.

There's an important quote that I work hard to keep in mind, because it's really, really important:

I don't want to sound arrogant, but I know I'm capable of good work. I'm so proud of the technical ability and attention to detail I was able to summon for my piece for the Bead Soup Blog Party:

Bead Soup Blog Party 7 - Steampunk Necklace

I just hate the frustration I feel when I've worked hard to produce quality work and I see someone with mediocre work outselling me. Talent and hard work. Both. It'd be nice if the hard work could just be applied to talent. Difficult as it is for me, I know that isn't the case. I have to work hard in marketing, in sourcing materials with the highest value for my money, in finding inspiration, staying motivated, and more. So, there's always something to work on - little by little, day by day. But every day, I feel like I've conquered one more thing and each notch on my belt motivates me to achieve a little more tomorrow.

So, ladies and gents, here's to tomorrow. Figure out what you need to do to starve your frustration and see how it empowers you. You may not get sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, but you might find some lost creativity or some lost energy, and you never know where those can take you!

Thanks for coming by!

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