Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Collection & New Lampworking Video

Saturday's art show went pretty well all things considered. There was 15-20mph wind all day with a couple torrential downpours. At first I was going to be outside under a tent, but when the wind blew over a display, breaking one of my hollow beads against a lamppost I elected to move indoors. Fortunately they were able to make space for me.

The focus of my display was the jewelry I created as part of my Fall 2013 collection, featuring lots of leather and enameled copper components. I've actually shown you just about everything, and what I'm about to show you now is what's left after Saturday's art show, but these leather wrap bracelets with enameled copper buckle clasps were one of the two things I kept under wraps:

Fall Collection 2013

Fall Collection 2013

The only other thing that I didn't show you were my hollow lampwork Beach Ball Treasure Pendants.

Beach Ball Treasure Bead

Fall Collection 2013

The first one of these I ever made was filled with sand from my son's sandbox just as a token. As I thought more deeply about why I loved that pendant so much I realized that it was a perfect synthesis of the philosophy behind Autochthonous Evolved. On the tags I wrote:


A simple reminder that we are beautiful naturally.

Sometimes we enhance that beauty with shiny things, but those adornments only describe us, not define us.

The treasure in this glass beach ball is the reminder of the beauty we’ve seen in places that we love.

The earrings I made turned out SO great. I was stumped for a long time about what kind of finding I was going to use, but once I remembered that earwires weren't the only option, everything else clicked. These were really popular!

Fall Collection 2013

Here is the whole thing put together. After the disaster of the crashing display, I had to change it a little to fit inside the coffeehouse, but this is the way it was designed to work:

Fall Collection 2013

Part of my lampwork bead display, which I made for my March bead show at the Mall of America, includes a slot for my tablet so I can show video of the lampworking process for any customers who aren't familiar with it. To that end, I made my own video so I could show myself at work:

The main difference between my video and other basic lampworking videos is that I make my beads at the side of the flame rather than in back. I get the same amount of control that I see in other artists, if not more since I'm working a little closer to my body, but I can see what I'm doing better. So, even if you're an experienced lampworker, if you're ever frustrated with some of the limitations of working behind the flame, watching the way I work at the side of the flame is worth a look.

I'll be putting out another already-completed video as part of the 2013 Art Charm Swap reveal on November 15th. That video will talk more about how I control my stringer placement when I draw scrolls, shapes, and words on beads. So, stay tuned!

I'll also have one more art show at GINKGO coffeehouse on December 7th and another the following weekend at the Northrup King Building in Minneapolis. I'll blog more details once I have them nailed down!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful bracelets, Julie! The other pieces too, but I'm of and away from the fashionable bracelets. And I love, love, love your bead-display! It's so multifunctional!

  2. Danke, Michaela! Sometimes I think I'm more inspired to build displays than create beads and jewelry :) Sometimes the muse strikes, though, thankfully.