Thursday, October 17, 2013

New Beads and Necklaces


I should be focused on my upcoming posts, on a winter jewelry line, on preparing for my two December shows. Working on big things a little at a time. Instead my head feels like my head is filled with chaos. Not that it's anything new. Like many people, like many artists, I have ADD that was diagnosed when I was an adult. In many ways I've developed successful coping mechanisms. They work in some ways, but not others. It still takes me twice as long to get things done as for someone with a healthy frontal cortex because I have so much trouble picking out what's important - in everything. Stupid frontal cortex. And, it's not to say that I haven't gotten things done, but it's usually not what or as much as I planned.


Regardless of intention, here is some of what I have gotten done. They're good work, just not the work I intended ...

Mists of the Moon

The flowing lines, the sparkling dots, shimmering purple veil, and the dark crevices where secrets lurk are all tied together in this bead like the mists of the moon.

Fortune Teller

The intense colors, the swirls, murrini, and dots ... they give me a sense of something just beyond my grasp, like a portent of the fortune teller.

All Hallows Eve

This one I made thinking about Halloween, was one of the several lentil-shaped beads of mine that had the honorable distinction of being featured in the November 2013 issue of the Soda Lime Times, an online publication about lampwork beads and techniques. Yay! Milestones! Progress.

Beach Ball Treasure Necklace

A group picture of some of my Beach Ball Treasure Necklaces. I've been seeking out sand from exotic locales and putting them into some of my hollow lampwork beads. The second from the left, in the decorated bead, is a fine, bright white sand from Siesta Key in Florida. I sawed out a tag in the shape of a Horse Conch shell found there to label the sand's origin. The second bead from the right has garnet sand from Emerald Creek in Idaho.

Beach Ball - Keauhou Beach

This one is from the black sand beach Keauhou in Hawaii with a cone shell tag.

And a couple of necklaces for Halloween:

Pumpkin & Vines Necklace
Chained Spirit

And a spooky set of earrings:

Spooky Eyes

I felt compelled to show that I haven't been totally useless. Just not doing what I planned. Alas. The war continues.

What are the things that you feel hold you back? What do you do to fight them?

Thanks for stopping by!

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