Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Art Bead Scene Challenge

It's been many moons since I tackled one of these. And, now that I think about it, I think the ones I've done have all been Japanese-themed (December 2012, January 2013, February 2013). So, I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that this month's Art Bead Scene October Monthly Challenge image spoke to me.

Owl on ginkgo branch (Scops owl under crescent moon) c.1915
Ohara Koson
Shin-hanga woodblock print on paper
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For those of you new to the Art Bead Scene monthly challenge, a picture is posted to their blog around the first of the month and designers - you, me, anyone that likes to make jewelry - makes a piece of jewelry inspired by the picture featuring an art bead. My lampwork focal beads, for example, would be considered art beads. If I've done a poor job explaining, just head over to the Art Bead Scene blog - they explain it really well.

So, I like the lines in this image; I like the colors; Owls are majorly popular right now. What's not to love? I'm thinking branch-like links with soldered, forged ginkgo leaves, and maybe a grey silk ribbon tying in the back .... I'm excited!

So, tell me, are you going to give this a shot this month? If you don't happen to make your own art beads, I'll be making some for this challenge tomorrow and I'll probably have a few that will end up in my Etsy shop on Friday or Saturday. I can let you know when if anyone's interested. Even if not for the challenge - OWLS!

Tomorrow I'll be listing my October class schedule. This weekend I'll likely resume my series on soldering so that I can post the tutorial everyone is waiting for. So, stay with me!

Thanks for stopping by!

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