Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Best Laid Plans ... Turn Into A New Murrini Color Worksheet

Normally Thursdays are the day when my dad has Sawyer and I get to focus on work all day, living the dream. This Thursday, my little buddy was sick and there was no substituting for the attention of mom today. So, our regularly scheduled blog post needs to be delayed until I can get into my studio to take the pictures I need.

Until then, not being able to go into the studio, gawking at the lampwork of other artists in my spare moments of internet time today, I thought it would be great to have a record of great ideas for murrini colors. A visual record, both of murrini you've already made or have, and murrini you want or need to make.

For those of you that aren't obsessive pyromaniacs (Why?!) murrini is a slice of a cane created by layering glass - one color or many - in a planned design.

For simple murrini you build up a solid core color about an inch long, usually three or so times wider than a normal rod of glass, then apply stripes of a different color on the outside. You heat this up until the glass becomes soft, then you carefully pull it until the glass is again about the diameter of a normal rod of glass. You use a tile or glass nippers to cut the rod into chips that are 1-2mm thick. When applied to lampwork they end up looking like stars or barnacles, depending on the colors chosen, like the yellow and red murrini on this bead of mine:

Playing In The Summer Sun
Slightly more complicated murrini has concentric circles of color with or without stripes on the outside, like these murrini with a blue core, a green layer over that, and transparent orange stripes:
Spring To Life

And, honestly, there are endless variations, not only with circles of color and playing with the widths of the stripes, but shapes, and letters, and body parts, and creatures. Anything!

Check out these bad boys - just in time for Halloween!
Created by DeAnne Buchanan at The Glass Zone
Click on the image to go to her Etsy store to see the rest of the eye candy!

Some murrini fully qualifies as fine art.

Sometimes it's best not to worry about price.
Murrini Leonardo by Mario Dei Rossi
available at Frantz Art Glass

But, I wasn't aiming quite that high today, so I opened up Photoshop and cooked this up for us:

Murrini Color Plan Sheet

So, lampworker murrini-maker, or not, click on the image and download the full size copy from my Flickr page and color away. The six squares are just to have a palette of the colors you're using. Remember that clear is an important "color" when building murrini. If nothing else, it's great color theory practice. Be creative and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by!

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