Tuesday, November 26, 2013

New Experiments

I find I do most of my experimental work when I'm in the midst of the heavy production work that comes before art shows. Just when my brain says no. more. boring. beads. I'll make something crazy to break up the monotony. In some ways, however, it feels counterproductive.

You've all experienced it. You step outside of your comfort zone; try something new in order to grow and develop. And the result?


Just when you thought that you were working on a new plane of talent and enlightenment ...

new small gnome house
I think this new design is rockin'!

... you make something(s) that make you want to bury your head in the sand. Grrrrr.

four experimental lentils
They're all so ... meh.

I know what you're thinking. That citrus-y looking one isn't *too* bad ... until you see where it cracked. In two places!!! Ugh.


And I'll grant you, they all have some redeeming qualities. The bead with the drawing of a boat actually looks kind of like a boat. But they just aren't spectacular, whether the colors didn't turn out right, or the depth isn't what I hoped for, or the whole thing just looks ... blah - and to my inflated ego and the 30-45 minutes I invested in each, that's depressing.

Of course, we're wise. We know that's an inevitable part of getting better at something. Failure is a necessary component of growth. But, in the moment? It's SOOOOO frustrating! The emotional part of your brain taps on your shoulder and asks,

"Um? Why do you do this, again? Are you SURE you wouldn't be better suited to some other line of work?"

And who can you kick around in response ... but yourself?

So, then I go back to what I know. Content for a while there are things I can do adequately. Appeased momentarily to bear the monotony. For a while. Hoping that my next attempt at new and different is a little more magnificent than it was this time. Cross your fingers!

So, tell me. Do you deal with your frustrations more cheerfully than I do? :)

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