Saturday, February 8, 2014


Let's just turn this bad boy up to 11. Agreed?

I'm almost at 200 likes for my Facebook page, and while I know that many of you are already fans, if you know someone that might be interested in my rants, tips, and eye candy, then point them in the direction of Facebook and everyone that is a fan of my Facebook page by midnight of the day I reach 200 likes will be in the running for one of FOUR of the lampwork beads I have posted as GOOD BEADS NEED GOOD HOMES! on my Facebook fan page right now. So, four of you will each get randomly chosen to select one of the (remaining) beads. Don't make jewelry? I'll even turn it into a simple necklace for you!

1.25" straight sided lentils. Each of these really only has one pretty side, but are otherwise grade A-1 perfect lampwork beads.
These beads are in the neighborhood of 2" long. Again, perfect quality beads other than I don't want to look at them anymore.
Simple, but would be kind of cute as a muted St. Patricks's Day bead!

Of course, that also means that, if you really want one of these beads, then you should let me know now-ish! :)

One more thing. I'd like to do something special for the person who recruits me the most new people. So, let's say, if I get ten or more comments on my Facebook page from new fans that say you sent them (within 24 hours or so) ... how about I give you the choice of any one bead in my Etsy store.

Sound good?

Noooooow GO!

Thanks for stopping by!

UPDATE: We've found this batch of winners, but you'll never know when we need a new batch of winners, so stay tuned and keep sending people our way! The more support we get the more we can give away!!


  1. How can you possibly NOT want to look at them any more?!?!?!?!?! Gahhhh!!!!!!! I have to admit to being madly in love with beads one and two in the second picture... oh MY!!!!! I have a migraine tonight and stopped by here before I'm off to a nice darkened room - but I promise I will share first thing tomorrow, and if I forget overnight PLEASE PM me!! I hope you reach your 200 asap!!!! :D

  2. lol. Aw, thanks, Nancy! Notice that I only showed ONE side of those lentils ... ;) I was certainly hoping that others would be more open to their beauty, though, and am glad there are a couple there that you like. Those ARE the best of the bunch, just a little less contrast than I'd hoped for :) I hope you feel better in the morning!!! Migraines super suck :(

  3. loverly, jennylee sangster showed me your page

  4. loverly jennylee sangster showed me your page

  5. Lovely beads!!!! I have worked with them I know!!!!!!